the best of coliving

Discover a new era of coliving with all its benefits. With a friendly community of people and quality service when you need it.

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In one modern space you will find a wide range of services and comfortable living without the need for an initial investment.

What is Urbanblok

The modern
coliving concept

A wide range of common areas for work and active chill. Reasonable privacy for time alone. Modern and purposeful interior with an emphasis on accessible services. The benefits of coliving within reach.

So you don’t
miss anything…

Every person is different. Unique. But when people are together, they look for what they have in common. Our coliving spaces offer a variety of ways to make the most of your work and leisure time, under one roof.


It’s a pleasure to live in purposefully and pleasantly furnished apartments, equipped to the current standard, with modern furniture and storage.


Separate areas for work and leisure. Plan your schedule and set aside time and a place to work and to relax. This will give your day a newfound peace.


The city center with all its benefits and possibilities is within your reach! An abundance of cultural and social activities without the need for travel.

Join the Coliving Movement! Meet new mates and make new contacts. Do you want to be around people or enjoy a moment for yourself and
work on your projects? We offer it all.


What can we offer?

Your apartment

The apartments are comfortably equipped with everything you will need for coliving. They are furnished with custom furniture and provide plenty of natural light. We thought about functionality and your comfort.

Shared space

Use the opportunity to meet in shared cooperative spaces according to your needs. Consult on your projects and test out your creative ideas. Or just have fun! Furnished spaces are available.

The Crew

They say that with friends, every worry is lessened and every joy is increased. Urbanblok creates a natural community of people where you can easily find new contacts and partners for your projects, sports, entertainment or active recreation.

Excellent service

Entrust yourself to our care and you will be well taken care of. A team of house managers and technicians will be at your disposal to solve your daily needs or answer your questions.


Find your Blok!

All Bloks are currently under construction. We’re working on it. We are building and furnishing new spaces for coliving. Find the one that suits you best with its location and come live with us!

Planned completion of construction works 07/2024

NBP Prague

Na bitevní plání 1185/40
140 00 Prague 4

Planned completion of construction works 07/2024

C79 Brno

Cejl 533/79
602 00 Brno

Planned completion of construction works 09/2025

V24 Brno

Vlhká 180/24
602 00 Brno

About us

In good hands

The author of the Urbanblok project is the all-Czech investment fund Spilberk, founded in 2016. We focus on locations in the center and wider city centre, where we see great potential in future development. Thanks to cooperation with real estate experts and good market knowledge, we can offer you quality and stable housing conditions.